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(sinon vou allez etre banni du forum pendant 15 jours !!

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avec son physique de reve et sa jolie tete, il fera peut etre de l'ombre a kame, a haruma, a teppei, ou a shun.... Voilà...^^ si vou voulez voir Gokusen le film (la ou joue cet ikemen) vous pouvez aller sur subwawa !!

(faut s'inscrire) mais un conseil ne laisser pas de commentaire !!

Word War III has left the world in chaos and fear with a new kind of mutation dividing one nation into two fractions, with almost no hope for them to coexist.

Nobody can help me if I don’t have a will to reach their hand. Even if I'm pushed down again, I have to get up on my own. It’s really dark at night, but tomorrow, when the sun rises and shines his light, it will totally bright and beautiful.

There are some tissues and extra gloves too, just in case.

Feelings are complicated when your best friend is dating the guy you love. In 2008, they held their first solo concerts (along with A. C-Z) at Yokohama Arena and Yoyogi Stadium and planned further ones for 2009. They performed as an eight-member group until the end of March 2006 when Iida left Johnny's due to his studies, leaving Kis-My-Ft2 without its "I" (Kitayama's name would later fill this void).Even though this might make things awkward for the 2 Kis-my-ft2 members, it did not turn out that way.Tamamori was sad for sometime, but it seems like there are no grudges between them. If Tamamori is the one dating then the internet will probably explode, judging by the viewership of my previous article.My stats have never seen such heights, not even Sousenkyo….

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