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A prologue establishes the journalistic bona fides of Bergman and Mike Wallace as they prepare to interview Sheikh Fadlallah for 60 Minutes.

Though not a box office success, The Insider received overwhelmingly positive reviews, with particular praise for Crowe's portrayal of Wigand, and Mann's direction.

It was nominated for seven Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Actor in a Leading Role (for Russell Crowe).

Bergman is unable to assist, and privately questions his own motives in pursuing the story.

Bergman contacts an editor at The New York Times, disclosing the full story and events at CBS.

Bergman defends himself and praises Wigand and his testimony.

Scruggs urges Bergman to air the full segment to draw public support for their lawsuit, itself under threat by a lawsuit from the Governor of Mississippi.

A furious Wigand demands that Bergman arrange an interview.

In the interview, Wigand states that he was fired after he objected to B&W intentionally making their cigarettes more addictive.

The film stars Al Pacino and Russell Crowe, with supporting actors including Christopher Plummer, Bruce Mc Gill, Diane Venora and Michael Gambon.

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